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Shipping & Customs Japanese Car | Autoproject

Shipping & Customs


Contrary to popular belief, vehicles are typically shipped via the Roll On/Roll Off (RORO) method, meaning cars are driven onto the ship in Japan and driven off at the destination port.

Cars are shipped securely within the ship decks and are at no point exposed to the outside elements. As mentioned in our import process explanation, all aspects of shipping the vehicle are managed by Autoproject, from booking the shipping date to organising interstate delivery of the car (if required).


Detailed below is a list of the costs that relate to shipping a vehicle. Unless specifically required, we provide one invoice for the import of the vehicle which will display all the below charges.

Please note that these costs are displayed as guidelines and will vary according to several factors such as exchange rates, Freight Company used, time of year and availability.

Ocean freight: $1300. Based on a typical vehicle size of 11.5m3 and USD75/m3 ocean freight and includes GST. Subject to USD/AUD exchange rate, this price has been calculated using today’s rate of 1.05.
Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF): Included in the ocean freight, but some companies charge this seperately
Wharfage and quarantine decontamination: $450 (will depend on destination port)
Brokerage fee: $165
Quarantine fees: $55
Quarantine processing: $45
Wharf handling fee: $45
Transport from wharf: $120
Total: $2180 Estimate only, each car and port is slightly different so this is a rough guide only.

Customs clearance and quarantine

Australia has strict rules and regulations relating to the importing of goods from foreign countries. Just like any other consumable good, these rules and regulations apply to cars as well.

When the car arrives in Australia, it has to be cleared by customs and quarantined by the
Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) to ensure the vehicle does not bring in unwanted materials into our borders. Some common examples of material that could be carried in include tiny insects and mud on tyres. It is standard that some vehicles are steam cleaned to get rid of these foreign objects.

All the above requirements are generally handled by a customs clearance agent who will look after the vehicle from arrival at customs to delivery at compliance shop. If the customer wishes they may advise us of their preferred customs clearance agent and this process may be handled by them.

Please note that our customs clearance agents generally can offer better prices as they liaise with us on a regular basis. Also, we cannot accept any responsibility for actions of a customer clearance agent chosen by the customer (this generally refers to any delays caused due to inefficiency of clearance agent or any external factors that may cause the car to be delivered in a condition other than what was promised by us).


See Compliance

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